From zero to hero… a participant’s digital journey

In October I had the privilege of beginning my digital support with a Positive People participant called June. She had very little digital experience and found the use of any digital equipment daunting. So, we arranged to meet up and try to improve these skills.

First things first, and most importantly, the coffee! We enjoyed our hot drinks at a local pub and discussed what she wanted to get out of the sessions. From this, we drew up an action plan so we were both clear on what we would learn and how we would do this. From these talks, it was clear that June needed some refreshing on how to use Windows 10, file structures and a basic overview of her laptop.

After a few sessions, June was growing in confidence and was no longer afraid of using her devices. At this point, we were able to look at effective job searching and applying online. June was growing in confidence day-by-day and felt that she now had the skills and confidence to apply for a job in social media. I was very proud when I heard that she had received an interview invitation and elated when she was offered the job!

However, our journey does not stop there. June was excited but a little apprehensive about the venture, especially as the employer would be providing her with an iPad to do all her digital work on. June had never used an iPad before. Luckily, I was able to offer additional support during June’s employment to get her up to speed and familiarised with its operation, how the apps work and some more advanced tools within social media.

This is a heartwarming success story that developed someone’s skills and confidence to a point where they now work within the digital sector. Without the continued end to end support from the Positive People digital team that would not have happened. We all wish June the very best of luck with her new job and continued success!