Darren, 41, is employed as a Customer Assistant at Tesco in Plymouth. We spoke to Darren last year when he told us all about his new employment in Tesco. A year on, Darren continues to work hard and doesn’t let his learning disabilities get in the way. We thought we’d catch up with him!

Darren is still enjoying his work at Tesco, in fact he’s even upped his hours there. “Stocking shelves, working on the tills, talking with customers – I really enjoy it all!”.

During these uncertain times, he’s happy to still be working – “I’m not just sitting at home doing nothing, I’m earning a wage and it feels great.

“Tesco are really supportive too. They knew from the start that I had learning disabilities and they’re always there if I need help.

“I have had learning disabilities since I was young. I went to a special needs school and all sorts of challenges have come with that, especially with my reading and writing. People have sometimes made fun of me too, but I always say that ‘everyone’s got abilities, everyone’s got disabilities, and nobody is perfect!’.

“But look at me, I’m doing something with my life and I can do as many hours as I like, especially at the moment!

“I really enjoy working”.