Ayesha, 30, from Bideford was unsure where to turn when it came to employment. She has now managed to combine her love of photography with business and is self-employed!

“I have 4 children who I care for full time, all aged 11 and under. One of my daughters has disabilities and requires additional support. I was initially looking at options to return to work once my children were all at school. I live with my husband who works for Torridge Council.

“I was lacking in self-confidence and self-belief when I first joined Positive People and was struggling with anxiety and depression.

“I had some sessions with Dare2BU to improve my confidence and self-esteem. I decided to learn more about hobby that I loved – digital photography and did a course at Learn Devon. The project funded the purchase of my digital camera.

“I started taking photos and enjoyed the creativity and found it to be a really de-stressing activity. I started going for walks and taking photos and found this helpful for wellbeing. I loved it so much and started sharing my photos online, this was when people started asking me to photograph their family/events and I decided to develop my hobby into a self-employed business.

“I love making things and I have started making props to use in my photos. I am going to buy a shed to put in the garden to use as a studio for taking photos.

“It has given me lots more confidence, it’s made me feel like I can do things on my own and that I can really cope with things that happen in my life. I have found something I really love and enjoy doing and I can fit working around looking after my children”.

Stephen’s Snaps is the name of Ayesha’s business.