Social Change

Do we carve out time?

for acquaintances and friends,

or do we make excuses like,

“I’m busy this weekend”.

Then something struck us all,

Priorities saw change.

Coronavirus settled in,

And friendships became strange.

No coffees and no eating out

4 walls grew quickly old

We walked outside, just once a day

Only with our household

We realised quite quickly

That we craved our friends around

But how can we be social?

When we’re stuck indoors, housebound.

We ‘Zoomed’ we ‘Skyped’ we ‘WhatsApp’d’

With friends we felt we’d lost

We ‘Messengered’ and ‘Facetimed’

For no financial cost

Friday Quiz and Sunday Dinners

birthday parties too

Name that Tune and Pictionary

“Can we have a clue?”

With its help we strengthened bonds

Made memories aplenty.

A need and love for Digital

In lockdown 2020.

I hope you enjoyed the poem! But on a more serious note, digital was one of the key elements that allowed us to keep going throughout lockdown. Whether that was working from home, socialising with friends or catching up with family, we all felt ourselves utilising programmes and skills we’d never used before.

The digital team here at Positive People have been lucky enough to support numerous people to obtain the skills and knowledge required to undertake social activities. This has allowed us to really get a picture of the benefit that digital ‘know how’ has had on people during lockdown.

Some ‘during lockdown’ stats for you;

Daytime Internet usage more than doubled

Zoom knocked Facebook and Netflix off the top of App Store charts

Video streaming increased by 39%

Social Media usage increased by 40%

Facebook usage increased by 33%

WhatsApp usage increased by 28%

Once upon a time this may have been viewed by some as a negative change. But during lockdown the general perception of these stats should be viewed as positive. Yes, it means more screen time but what impact did that increased screen time have?

Our wellbeing is far better off than it would have been had we had no opportunity to interact socially, albeit virtually.

Many people learnt how to use devices and programmes for the very first time. Again, Positive People have been fortunate enough to deliver some of that learning and support.

These are skills that are invaluable at the current time but will continue to be invaluable once lockdown is lifted. People can have more contact with their loved ones and friends than they would have had before.

Think about friends who live far away from each other, and not just friends, but family too. Think about the number of miles we have saved, and can continue to save, by holding meetings from our homes instead of travelling in our cars. (In the Positive People digital team alone, we have saved over 8000 miles which equates to approximately 13 metric tonnes of Carbon Dioxide Equivalent).

Yes, this blog is about international friendship day but the environmental impact that links in with that is a key message!

The purpose of this blog is to celebrate a high point of a difficult time for you, for the country and for the world as a whole.

We still have a very long way to go towards digital inclusion for all, but we have been able to use lockdown to take a step towards this. Now we need to keep going!

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