Khaled is a refugee from Syria who arrived in Exeter in 2017. Khaled and his family have worked incredibly hard to integrate into the community, as well as to help those in need. They hope they can change the sometimes negative perception of refugees.

Khaled is an active volunteer leader in the Exeter FREEMOOVEMENT* which is a free community-led, health improvement activity group. We were able to purchase a bike and safety equipment to enable Khaled to continue accessing his 22 hours of training per week and volunteering placements in Exeter, after his bike was stolen outside his class.

Part of his role is as a volunteer bike leader in the community Freewheelin’ social group so having a bike is critical for him to continue in this role.

This is a voluntary group of leaders who encourage individuals and families to build their confidence in social bike rides, increase activity in the natural world and to develop cycling skills to encourage more sustainable means of transport.

Not only this, but the Freewheelin’ group are out on their bikes delivering groceries and prescriptions to those who need it during current difficult times.

Khaled told me he is really very grateful to Positive People for enabling him to achieve more than he could have imagined when he first signed up to programme.

This has been hand-in-hand with refugee support, training providers and community groups providing him with opportunities to complete training and attain his learning goals. He has also developed a website with Cosmic to promote and actively engage with the community, and he has also worked on the now annual St Thomas community centre international culture celebration.

Khaled informed me in February of his recent independently published book co-authored with support from a translator. 50% of profits go towards Refugee Support.