“Before Sir Winston Churchill was Prime Minster this became known as his Wilderness Years.

“During his Wilderness Years Sir Winston Churchill built a brick wall at his home in Chartwell.

“This project of building a brick wall around his garden gave Sir Winston Churchill a great sense of wellbeing and inspiration.

“Taking inspiration from Sir Winston Churchill I decided to create a Vintage Kitchen at my home during lockdown.

“My Vintage Kitchen Project was a challenging task as I only have my left arm.

“Positive People also gave me inspiration to do something constructive during lockdown.

“I painted my kitchen while listening to the music I like, mostly 50’s and 60’s. I also hung pictures of people who gave me great inspiration i.e. Muhammad Ali, Marlon Brando and James Dean.

“After three weeks of creating My Vintage Kitchen it gave me deep joy in completing a very worthwhile task.

“My next challenge is to create My Vintage Living Room and of course, continue my search of finding full time employment.

“Thank you, Sir Winston Churchill and Positive People”.

Kevin J Penney DBB (Sir Douglas Bader Brave)