As Positive People enters a new, exciting year the digital team are always looking for fresh and innovative ways to support our local community and create a digitally included society.

We understand how important being able to use digital is for your everyday lives. Everything from GP appointments to applying for jobs are now largely accessed online. A major drawback to this is not having access to a device in order to perform these everyday tasks. Positive People are looking to source, refurbish and supply qualifying participants with laptops in order to build a better future for themselves. Participants that show a real enthusiasm and engagement with the project could be given a laptop to help them job search, access online accounts such as housing, council, GP, health and wellbeing etc.

Importantly, we are looking for laptop donations that are in working order so we can, with participants help, refurbish these devices and have a small number of stock available. If you have such a device, know of anyone who does or an organisation that can help please do let us know! You would be contributing to an amazing cause, allowing people to learn how to refurbish laptops and giving those who need it most a step up to reach their goals.

This is exactly what an EX participant has done. After gaining employment and purchasing a new laptop of her own, she has now donated her old one to the refurb project so we can continue our work with someone else. Here is Ben, Digital Skills Advisor, receiving the laptop with lots of thank you’s!