This case study will follow the journey of Susan, who began her journey with Positive People at the beginning of 2019. Before then Susan spent time in Abu Dhabi, teaching in international schools and immersing herself in the culture within the United Arab Emirates. Eighteen months ago, Susan returned to live full time in Devon. “It was like: I’ve come back, hit 60, no pension, no job and now what? What do I do?”. She felt lost and with no clear direction. Whilst on a train journey to Exeter, Susan overheard part of a conversation across the aisle; someone mentioned Positive People. She didn’t know anything about the project, but the word “positive” struck a chord and she decided to do some research.

As a result, Susan was introduced to one of Positive People’s Change Coaches. They recommended that Susan joined the Digital Business Academy course, to learn how to develop her skills into a business. With a series of business-basics workshops, digital skills training, and mentoring, Susan now feels that she “suddenly has a path to go down, and a direction to follow”. Positive People were also able to provide Susan with a website, to allow her to promote her next projects. These were to be children’s books with an emphasis on Abu Dhabi culture. Susan spent the next 8 months developing these ideas which resulted in publishing a hardback book. This is when Susan turned to Positive People again for further support.

Susan was made aware of and attended a Digital Café in Paignton where she could receive digital support. This is where she met me for the first time. Over a coffee we discussed her past, her books and her vision for the future. She was very keen to have her first published book available for download online. I talked though Amazon Books and the process required to create an eBook. Susan was very excited about the prospect of having the book on Amazon, so we set out an action plan for this to become a reality. Over two further one-to-one sessions we produced PDF pages of the book and used the kindle book creator app to produce a draft of what the book would look like.

It was at this point we followed the governments guidelines regarding Covid-19 and cancelled all of our face to face digital support. However, this didn’t stop us from completing our goal as we moved to remote sessions. Using TeamViewer I was able to remotley view and take control of Susans laptop and though a phone conversation guide her through the last stages of creating the ebook and uploading it to Amazon for purchase.

Success!! From over hearing a conversation on a train journey, with no clear direction or goals right though to having a published book available for purchace on Amazon! We are so happy to be able to help Susan achieve her goals, and even more importantly it has given her the ambition to push even further;

I would like to give a huge thank you and compliments to Ben, without his help, this would not have happened. He is brilliant, helpful and patient. A huge asset to the team. 

This has inspired me to now go on and try and put my Teaching English book online… watch this space!”