As 2019 draws to a close, it’s a good time to reflect on all the positive work Positive People have been engaged in this year. In particular, the digital team at Cosmic have been involved in some fantastic developments, training and events and we wanted to take just a little bit of time to speak to some of the Cosmic team about what their favourite bit of the year was.

Lauren Stevens, Finance Co-Ordinator said: “Pluss have acknowledged I submit very accurate claims every month and they have used my claims as an example of the standard they expect to other partners. I’m very proud of this achievement.”

Simon Goode, Digital Skill Advisor said: “My highlight of 2019 was being a part of delivering the Digital Inclusion project with a group of people from Ageing Well. The project introduced people to what digital can do for them. We explored the more creative side of online creative design and photography. We covered topics such as online safety and the everyday internet to ensure people had the skills and knowledge to use the web safely and effectively. It was a pleasure to be involved in the delivery of this project and I look forward to doing more similar projects in 2020!”

Emma Stannard, Project Administrator said: “The Digital Shadow Board saw 11 former participants from the project come together at Sandwell Manor. The feedback was great and the participants enjoyed the digital treasure hunt and scone making.”

Ben Fayter, Digital Skills Advisor said: “One of my favourite days of the year was the Join the Jam music workshop at Exeter Corn Exchange. Being able to show people the digital advancements in music and getting them playing drums and DJ was a pleasure. Knowing that people really enjoyed this and each took something away from the session makes everything worthwhile. For example, one lady was so excited by the prospect of DJing she took up lessons and volunteers at a local hospital radio station.”

And even the newest member of our team was excited to have a say. Oli Mander, Digital Skills Assistant said: “I loved getting to know the team, and putting on workshops such as ‘Join The Jam’. Also, getting involved in exciting new and upcoming projects.”

And just what are those new and upcoming projects? Stay tuned when we roll into next year to find out.

Thank you Cosmic, and all the partners on the Positive People project. Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!