Let’s face it. When many people think of getting fit the first things that spring to mind are expensive gym memberships, feelings of inferiority against muscular and body beautiful people, hard work, lack of motivation, and trying to figure out how not to fall off the running machine!  However, at this time of year many people, spurred on by the Christmas excess, want to lose weight and get fitter and healthier.  Well, this doesn’t have to include any of those things that may put us off if you get fit whilst gaming!  Lycra and sweat bands are optional.

This month Positive People were in Barnstaple, North Devon running a Get Fit Gaming event on the Pottington Trading Estate as part of a 6-week course for participants called Well-Being Wednesdays. This 6-week course has something different every week for the participants to trial and experience that will help them improve their well-being and overall health, as well as meet other people in the area and build on their confidence and reduce social anxieties.  We’ve already run a digital photo challenge day that involved a nice winter sunshine walk along the river Taw, but this time it was an opportunity to check out some of the gadgets and devices available that allow you to get fit whilst playing games and interacting with digital devices either in the room or against friends and strangers online.  We’re all keen gamers here in the Cosmic offices and love picking up an Xbox or PlayStation controller and pitting our skills and wits against others in a friendly and competitive environment as many people also enjoy.  Now we and the participants could do this whilst getting fit.

We took along some game consoles such as an Xbox One and a Nintendo Wii as well as a smart Turbo Trainer, some smart watches and fitness trackers, and some free well-being and fitness apps available on iOS and Android.  On the Xbox, we had Just Dance which allows you the player and your friends to bust-a-move and throw some shapes on an imaginary dance floor scoring points for nailing the moves displayed on screen.

On the Nintendo Wii, we had Wii Fitness. A game that helps you improve your balance, co-ordination and fitness through a variety of games, mini challenges and movements/exercises all in a fun and energetic way whilst also tracking your achievements and improvements.

A smart turbo trainer from Wahoo that links with a variety of virtual gaming apps such as Zwift that connects to a standard bike and provides resistance and feedback controlled by the game/app.  As you peddle faster so does your character on the screen within the gaming environment.  You can race against others and join different cycling groups and events.

Finally we showcased a number of well-being apps such as Calm, Mindfulness and Headspace that teach you how to meditate or can help you fall asleep through the use of relaxing sounds and guided relaxation techniques.  We also showcased some fitness apps/watches such a Fitbit and Moov fitness which track your movement and steps, calories burnt, and goals/achievements reached.  One particular device that got people talking was the smart digital body fat scales.  These not only provide your weight but also percentage of body fat, muscle and bone.  A great way to track your weight loss and muscles gains as part of a fitness regime.

It was a good day enjoyed by all and Cosmic and the Positive People Project would like to thank everyone who attended the day and the staff involved in making it all happen.  Next time we hope to have some fitness games on the virtual reality headset Oculus Quest so if you’d like to attend, find out a bit more about one of our fantastic events or anything in this article please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the team on 0330 088 3005 or via email [email protected].