Wellbeing Wednesdays were introduced as an opportunity for participants to try something new every (you guessed it…) Wednesday. Each activity contained an aspect of wellness, whether that be getting out and about or learning how to be more healthy. Kieran – a participant – has kindly given a review of his time in each session.

Session 1 – Digital Photography Walk

The first session was interesting. I’ve always had a large interest in photography and have explored career options. This session suited my skills and abilities. I learnt a lot and discovered new techniques for taking photos in improved ways.

Reviewing our work back at the office was also a nice touch. The appraisal and feedback helped me as a photographer to improve next time. The weather was very much on our side for this one and I would 100% recommend this course. Overall rating:  5/5!

Session 2 – Digital Keep Fit

The sessions began to get easier for me as you get to know people. I was already accustomed to some of the activities involved here and so I found it to be a pleasant time. It’s very important to try and get people active and I think this session was excellent in showing people that we can actually use digital equipment to keep fit!

This is a session I would be likely to attend again as it was fun and easy to participate in, regardless of ability. Overall rating: – 3/5!

Session 3 – Hakeford Woods Forest School

I must admit, I was anxious about this one. I’m not an outdoors type of person and I didn’t expect to come out of it feeling overly positive. I was pleasantly surprised!

It helped me massively. It’s hard to imagine how peaceful it can be when out there and how different the world can feel. Visiting the forest school was a real stress reliever for me. You forget about the troubles, worries and it helps you to clear your head.

My advice is just give it a go! No-one forces you to take part in anything and just being there helps your wellbeing a lot. Overall rating: – 5/5!

Session 4 – Mindfulness/Meditation/Calming

There were participants that found peace going to this session and that was very pleasing to see. For this reason, I would recommend looking into more sessions of the same kind. If one person has benefitted, then I think it is always worth looking into again.

Perhaps there could be other ways to introduce this topic that may involve more people. What I can say is it helped someone with their stress and so for that reason alone it was successful! Overall rating: 2/5!

Session 5 – Healthy Eating

In terms of shocking facts, this was certainly the most outstanding session! The presentation given by Stu was quite the eye opener.

There’s no doubt that everybody came out of that session with something new learnt; a healthy lifestyle directly coincides with mental health and it became clear that my lifestyle has been playing a direct part in affecting my mental health.

I believe that the potential to have some basic cooking lessons would be brilliant for so many participants including me! Overall rating: – 5/5!

Session 6 – Devon Wildlife Trust

It was a lengthy journey to this site but for me that helps to give the feeling of getting away from the busy life of Barnstaple and allowed me to focus on my own wellbeing.

I’m no expert on using loppers or saws, but it was a very fun activity and I actually achieved a lot in a short space of time! For this reason, this activity showed me that I shouldn’t underestimate my own abilities in whatever the situation. Overall rating: – 5/5!

To conclude, Wellbeing Wednesdays have allowed me see past my anxiety, and to realise that I do have the ability to seek and apply for work.

As a result, I have never felt more able to attempt to get into employment and try new things, and so I’d like to thank you for getting all this together.

I attended all sessions until the end and I’m glad I did, I hope that there can be further success stories if there were more sessions in the future.