As a Digital Trainer, I’m always keen to promote the use of digital wherever possible. Digital can and does transform lives on a routine basis – whether it’s something as simple as creating shopping lists on your phone to take to the supermarket with you, or something more complex such as learning a foreign language or applying for a new job, digital has a role in almost every single thing that we do.

However, there’s a separate kind of category for digital. It’s called Essential Digital. Everything I’ve detailed above are nice and desirable things, but they aren’t necessary for day to day life. What is, however, is the basic use of digital that is in the process of quite literally replacing things that we’ve taken for granted for so long.

Let’s take banking for instance. More than a third of all High Street bank branches have closed, with others having massively reduced their opening hours. As Britain moves towards a cash free society, banking online has become so simple and efficient that footfall in banks has diminished considerably, leaving them with little choice but to cut cost and shuttered their doors. This kind of situation pushes Banking into the Essential category of Digital – a key element of life you can’t live without that you have to access with a device.

Thankfully, that’s where Cosmic’s Essential Digital course comes in. On Wednesday 15th January, in conjunction with North Devon Homes, we delivered an Essentials workshop on how to use the iPad at one of their sheltered accommodation estates. Our content covered the background and development of digital, which were the best possible technologies to use, addressed concerns about using digital equipment and getting online, and gave chance for every participant to work one-to-one with a trainer to ask questions, get answers and become more confident with using their device on an everyday basis.

We are running plenty of these 6 session courses that dive into all kinds of subjects about the Essential skills required in a Digital world. If you’re interested, just ask your Change Coach to sign you up for one and they’ll be happy to oblige.