A fantastic ‘Grow at Home’ session was held this morning with the Devon Positive People team, hosted by Seema Patel from www.bewilder.org.uk. A warm, friendly group with varying degrees of experience at growing vegetables, shared hints and tips for growing things at home – from pineapples and avocados to the more usual runner beans and onions.

One amusing story from a participant told the group how they decided to grow cucumbers for the first time, during the first lockdown. They made use of the balcony, proving you don’t need a garden to grow lots of home grown produce. It must’ve been a good spot, as they managed to grow around 50 cucumbers and towards the end of summer the whole balcony had been taken over, blocking out all the light!

Conversation highlighted the various containers that can be used to grow things, from paper ice-cream pots and yogurt pots to tubs and old bins. If they can hold soil and have drainage, just about any container can be used. Overall, the session became a community GQT (Gardeners Question Time), full of questions, experiences and tips. Something for everyone.

The highlight though was that this relaxed session brought people together, able to be themselves and talk to others in a safe space. Just a year ago, most of us had never heard of Zoom. Today, this diverse group were chatting away, with strangers, using Zoom as if they’d been doing it for years.