Andre’s Story

Andre Sutton

Andre has been on the Positive People program for a few months now. He is currently claiming Universal Credit and looking for some basic work.
Andre was referred to Cosmic for IT support. He was eager to get help with the number of emails he was receiving, and to help understand how the data charges worked on his phone and internet dongle, as this seemed a bit high to him, and he was having difficulty paying being on a low income.
Cosmic’ s Digital Trainer, Clive, arranged 4 one-to-one sessions with Andre to help him. Andre only had access to his phone, but it was an up-to-date model, so the training was based around that.
Sessions focussed on using mobile broadband effectively and frugally, managing and sending emails and unsubscribing to reduce spam. Also covered was installing and using apps – Andre now accesses his banking online and can monitor his phone data charges through an app.
Clive and Andre also worked together on phone and data charges. It was found he was being charged around £90 per month for use of an internet dongle, phone, and some online subscription charges. He had no idea what these were for, and needed help unpicking the detail. Following a visit to the local phone shop, and a call to the phone company, Clive and Andre were able to reduce his ongoing charges to £27 per month, saving Andre over £60 a month, equivalent to over £900 by the end of his contracts.
Clive and Andre are continuing to work on his IT skills. He is hoping to learn how to apply for jobs using his phone, so next steps will include setting up job apps and learning how to use them. Watch this space!