Somerset gets their ‘Happy Right’ with Positive People

The People of Somerset got their ‘Happy Right’ with Positive People, Brad Burton and James Boardman!

Motivation is something that, at times, the best of us can lack when it comes to bettering ourselves and our lives, or realising our full potential. Perhaps this is why motivational speakers such as Brad Burton and James Boardman have become amongst the top in the UK – motivating and inspiring individuals, workforces and entrepreneurs across the country!

On Friday 19th October at Somerset County Cricket Ground, Positive People held a completely free motivational event for the people of Somerset, who may be at a crossroads in life and in need of a push in the right direction to start making better decisions!

Brad Burton, the UK’s top motivational speaker, multi‐million‐pound business owner and self‐made success story joined forces (excuse the pun!) with ex‐ Royal Marine Commando, James Boardman, to instil self‐belief, motivation and positivity.

The day was a huge success, with over 100 attendees who enjoyed motivational coaching from both speakers, lunch and refreshments. The Positive People team were also on hand to help put individual’s new‐found motivations for change into action by signing them up onto the programme.

“The day was truly fantastic, it was great to see people from across the county coming out and getting motivated. Brad’s motto is all about making better decisions, and I think you can tell from people’s faces here today that the decision to come out and join us today was definitely one of those!” says Emma Wescott, Positive People Partnership Manager for Somerset.

Individual motivations for attending the event ranged from feeling stuck in a rut, looking for a new way of dealing with life situations, starting up a business from nothing and feeling more positive. Positive People were able to promote how we can support people to start making steps towards their dreams and realising their ambitions. Whether that be, providing business start‐up mentorship, guidance on going self‐employed, taking hobbies or crafts to a new level, overcoming financial and personal barriers to success, looking at training or educational opportunities that can work around individuals’ circumstances and much more!

The event also allowed Positive People to expand our specialised partner framework and engage with employers that, in turn, allows the programme to extend our support network for new and existing participants.

“Positive People is always delighted when new employers and organisations, who can provide specialised support to our participants, come along to our engagement events. This means that we can provide a whole host of different activities, therapy and personal support to people who need it; which is great for those with more complex needs, or people who want to build up their confidence or skills in alternative and interactive ways.” says Emma.

Our favourite quote of the day was ‘BElieve in YOUrself’ – Brad Burton.