Confidence is Key – David’s Story

Positive People has been steady and powerful journey for David. When he joined the project, David really lacked confidence, drive and was struggling with a big physical change in how he could work. After years of working as a painter, a torn muscle in his arm meant that a new career path was on its way which was a daunting prospect.

When David started with Positive People his focus was his physical well-being and his digital skills. Positive People was able to provide David with a membership to a local 1610 gym. This gave him the opportunity to build his arm back to good health and feel stronger both physically and mentally. The new environment and routine also helped to bring structure back into David’s life.

Meanwhile, David was also working with Cosmic. He has worked with Digital Trainers, Clive and Chloe, which has helped David to build his digital confidence and bring him back into the world of learning. His main experience of digital was on touch screen devices like his mobile phone and tablet. He had little understanding about the digital world and was keen to learn more and know about computers. Many of his training sessions have been using both his tablet and the computer alongside one another. The comparison has led to him developing lots of transferable digital skills.

Progress was steady and now David is literate in most of the basic skills needed for personal use, like sending emails, finding information online, updating his Universal Credit account and accessing online training. Through their sessions, Cosmic were also able to introduce David to the public computers at his local library to use more regularly.

Through the Positive People journey it also came up that David struggled with his literacy. Because of the project, David was able to attend Functional Skills Literacy classes with Somerset Skills and Learning.

His growing confidence in reading and writing, helped him hugely in building confidence and retaining his digital skills. In their digital sessions together, Chloe began to notice that David would write more and need less input from her on writing tasks.

Chloe from Cosmic commented “With David, it has always been confidence and as his confidence in literacy has grown, he’s been more able to grow in his digital skills too. When we first worked with David, Clive showed him how to update his Universal Credit account using dictation on his tablet as he struggled with typing it out. Now he has the option to do that but can also confidently type up his journal entries to speak to his work coach. He has had a long journey with Positive People, but we have seen a huge change in his outlook.”

Throughout his journey, David has been exploring the different working opportunities he could have since he can no longer work as a painter/decorator. He has been working with Josh from Avalon on his employability. Although David isn’t ready to work yet, he has more a focus on what may be on its way in the future.

“[I’ve found Positive People] really satisfying, because they don’t judge you, they just let you get on with it…I wanted to get my confidence back really, and it has come back…I’d definitely [recommend it], 100%”

With an online training course under his belt and another along the way, David is leaving Positive People with the right tools to keep him moving forward. We really do wish him all the best.