I’ve discovered my digital skills – Shyama’s story

Shyama hadn’t worked in quite a while and felt she really need help updating her skills on the computer, and help with looking for and applying for jobs online. “I did it a long time ago, and I have forgotten everything!”

Shyama worked with I2A and Cosmic, to refresh her digital skills.

“Positive People have really helped me; their training is very good. They look after us, remind us of appointments and help us to find jobs. They do a good job of looking after whoever needs help, putting us on the right path, helping us learn, and finding the right job for us. I am so pleased with Positive People, so pleased to meet Mandy, Kim and Suzi. I recommend Suzi from Cosmic as a very knowledgeable, kind, caring tutor who looked after me in every aspect. She has been so helpful with courses, documents, CV’s and applications”.

Shyama needed an update on some of her skills and some digital help to find jobs online, and she now has been successful in getting herself a great job in retail!

“I am so pleased that I have recovered my lost memory!”