Elizabeth’s Story

Cosmic met Elizabeth (Liz) in Wells Job Centre in early December. She has asked for help as she had recently been made redundant, but her circumstances meant the job centre couldn’t sign her on, or even offer much in the way of advice. They hoped that Positive People could give Liz a hand to start job searching.

It had been a long time since Liz had needed to look for work, so long that she had never needed a computerised CV. In fact, she has only had 4 jobs since 1970!! Although only a few years from retirement, Liz is fit and healthy and was eager to work. She has internet at home, and a tablet, but hadn’t used email, online job sites or a digital CV, so was a little lost as to where to start.

The Positive People team from Abilities were able to move fast and sign her onto the program before Christmas. Liz attended the weekly drop-in in Wells on the first session of the New Year and with the help of Clive from Cosmic learnt the basics of operating a PC, set up an email address and made a start on writing up her own CV in Microsoft Word. By the end of her second session the next week she had finished her CV, and learnt how to print it out, plus how to send and receive emails from her tablet, all key skills for job hunting online.

Session 3 focussed on how Liz could access and update her CV using her tablet and using the Indeed job seeking app and website.
Not one to stand still for long, Liz spent the following week handing out the CV’s she had printed, and by her final digital session with Clive had found a job. She had been on the program just short of 4 weeks but had received the support she had been missing to move her forward into employment.

Liz said “I’ve really enjoyed learning some basic computer skills and if I have time now I’ve found a job I’d like to attend the beginners’ course here at Somerset Skills and Learning. I might even try to book my next holiday on my tablet!”

Well done Liz!