“I can achieve more than I thought” – Jordan’s story

Jordan, 18, from Somerset, was struggling to find employment as he didn’t have any qualifications or the funding to do extra training.

“I am young and unqualified but would like to have a career in the construction industry.  I am on universal credit, and do not have the means to fund extra training myself.

“During any training I struggle to keep focused and I often become quickly distracted, this comes across badly and the trainers thought I wasn’t applying myself properly.

“My age, my qualifications and lack of funds are major barriers, also my health conditions, i.e. lack of concentration, and communication skills.

“I met with a change coach who helped me arrange and fund training but more importantly communicated on my behalf with the trainers, and managed to gain me some extra support during my training so that I could fully focus on both the theory side and the practical. 

“My coach was also supportive but quite firm, which actually gave me the kick I needed to realise what a good opportunity I had.

“Due to Positive People I have been able to gain employment, and this has made me realise that I can achieve a lot more than I thought I could.  Positive people has given me the opportunity to gain a qualification that I can use in the future and in the chosen field that I wanted to work in.

“My future goal is to stay in the work that I am currently doing.

“I would recommend anybody using Positive People, and my coach.  It was an amazing experience”.