When Dawn first came to Positive People, social anxiety was a huge barrier towards her leading a full and active life in the community.  She was isolated and withdrawn from her peers. We arranged 1:1 counselling to help her find coping strategies for her anxiety and depression, and to help in her recovery to overcome past traumatic experiences.

Dawn also worked with Inspired to Achieve and received 1:1 employment support to set up her online self-employment business.

“Approximately 3 years ago I suffered a mental breakdown, along with a traumatic divorce.  My ex-partner took my young children away and denied me contact which all led to my breakdown.

“I suffer with high anxiety, lack of confidence and depression. Before this I ran a successful online giftware business which unfortunately failed due to my mental health.

“I am trying to rebuild my career as I would eventually like to set up a business again and operate online from home. I suffer greatly with anxiety in public spaces and depression so returning to paid employment in the community is not part of my goals.

“I am also caring for my 6-month-old granddaughter, due to parental issues with child’s biological mother.

“I found it hard to go out publicly and this impacted on accessing community facilities. I didn’t know what to do or where to turn.  I wanted to go back to running my online business but didn’t have the confidence to do it.  I did not have any IT equipment of my own so running a business from home was proving difficult. I had an old tablet, but I was not able to create invoices or update my website.

“Positive People funded a mental health therapist who has helped me to learn different ways to cope with my anxiety and depression.  She has enabled me to value myself and realise that I can achieve my goals.

“My Change Coach has given me the confidence in myself so that I can achieve my goals and she supported me to take the steps needed to begin online trading.  I have started on setting up a website with the new laptop and printer that Positive People funded.

“Positive People drastically changed my life. It’s given me confidence to interact with other people; to go out.  It’s also given me a feeling of self-worth and I feel more confident to sustain a new business.  I find coping with problems and hiccups a lot better; I deal with them instead of running away.

“My future goals are to start my business up and keep it running and to make lots of money (Dawn is laughing whilst saying this!).

“You have all been lovely and supportive. It’s nice to meet someone and have a giggle whilst you are talking about disturbing things.

“You have completely changed my life. I feel like I can do anything and achieve anything now”.