“I now have all the tools I need to find work” – Bill’s story

When Bill first came to Positive People he didn’t know quite how to obtain work without experience or qualifications. His strength and determination meant that with the help of Positive People he started to see a future again. Here is his story.

“I previously had employment that involved physical work. Unfortunately due to an injury, I was unable to sustain that line of work. I was then unemployed for 17 months.

“Eventually, I migrated to Universal Credit and became a job seeker. Due to financial issues I was very motivated to find work. The work that I was looking for meant that I had to be seated for a majority of the time as walking and manual work is difficult. I knew I had to change career path to accommodate my injury and decided to look for administration roles.

“However, I did not have the qualifications to support this career path and unfortunately, due to lack of qualification and experience, I had no luck in securing employment and was unsure what to do next.

“I was disheartened by the advice I had previously been given. I asked Positive People for help on what to do next. Initially, I was very distrusting of the support offered but, over time, I began to trust my Change Coach and built up a positive, pro‐active relationship. I was able to begin my journey of change.

“Lack of money meant I was unable to get to my local town to update my training and skills. I did not know what direction I was going in.

“My IT equipment was old and unreliable, so I couldn’t do any online courses and I found it hard to look for jobs. I do not use a smart phone. Also, because I have never worked in administration I have no experience to show any prospective employers. Every time Positive People funded items for me, I was so worried it would affect my Universal Credit.

“Mandy took the time to build up a trusting relationship with me. She has given me confidence that I can achieve my goals. To begin with she set up a Level two course in English for me and funded travel to the course by getting me a bus pass for a month.

“She linked me up with a local Community Interest Company so I could get some administration experience through volunteering. This also gave me the opportunity to socialise and I met new people.

She purchased me a Chrome Book, so I can do an online business and administration course. Now I can update my CV regularly and apply for jobs online once I have got my qualification. When I have had my foot surgery, I will have all the tools I need to find work.

“My future goals are to have my foot surgery, complete my online training course and get an administration job”.

“Your staff have such a friendly approach to help people and you can tell you want to help.”