“It’s given me the confidence to believe I can do it” – Anna’s story

Anna is a highly motivated woman as well as being a devoted single parent, but she didn’t know where to turn when it came to searching for employment. She is sharing her story about how, with the help of Positive People, she has found her way.

“I received support from Employment Coaches at Inspired to Achieve. They helped me with creating a CV and job searching.

“I am very motivated to find work now that my two children are in full-time education. I am a single parent and would like to find part-time work to fit around the children’s school hours.

“On completing the assessment it was identified that I have some financial debt, but have taken steps directly with the companies to address this – I have agreements with them to repay the debts.

“I had little experience to support my job seeking and was open to volunteering opportunities to upskill myself. I was very keen to complete some online training to develop my knowledge. I had no access to a laptop which was vital to completing online training.

“As I have two young children it worked well for me to work on my course work in the evenings, when the children were in bed and complete my voluntary work whilst they were in school.

“I have not worked in a long time and needed to find part-time work, however my CV was lacking in work history as was my lack of qualifications and education. Despite being a motivated person, I was finding it hard to secure interviews.

“Mandy encouraged me to look for voluntary work to build up my CV and she supported me to find voluntary employment with a local charity shop.

“Positive People has made a big difference to me by giving me the confidence to believe I can do the online courses. My Change Coach, Mandy, signposted me to online training providers and helped to enrol me so that I can better myself.

“I am very grateful to Mandy and to Positive People for funding me a laptop, so I am able to do online courses. I now have a voluntary job and I am feeling more confident about finding work.

“My aim is to find part-time work that will fit around my children, hopefully school hours. My future goals are to do more online courses and build up my CV more, and I feel even more confident about getting a job and career”.