Paul’s Story

Paul’s amazing story of digital know-how charts his journey from “falling behind like a cavemen” to having every gadget going and loving it. Check out his digital journey!

Paul’s words

“I was a Butler for a billionaire in a suit and my main background is high class catering, but also care work. In the winter months I was doing mainly the butler work and for the rest of the months I was doing care work for an agency in Exeter.

“Working for private people was certainly different. A lot of people were jealous and weren’t very nice to me so my anxiety and depression started to come on. Both jobs ended up hitting me low at the same time. In the end I signed off after my butlers job one afternoon and said I am not feeling good. The winters were horrendous, freezing cold and running around the woods in your butlers uniform in knee high snow is a lot of pressure. I make it sound easier than it was – not anyone could do that kind of thing.

“Since then, Positive People have helped me 100%. Before the project I had basic knowledge on how to use my tablet and iPhone, and that’s all I had at the time. I hardly used any of the apps.

“Now look at me! We are talking just over a year later, I think I have come on a long way, I’m a lot more confident and I think I am doing more for myself without being asked to do things.

“It’s good because I can look online, order things and I can check out things. I couldn’t do that before as I felt too nervious about it. I used to always feel like I needed someone, but now I am quite happy checking things out on my own. I am getting on, doing it and not thinking about whether I’ll make a mistake.

“Before, I was frightened a lot of time and thought I didn’t need to know about technology but in another world, I would look at my friends and I was falling behind like a caveman. I felt I was going to be left behind whether I want that or not because this is the world we are living in.

“Now I have gone from a phone that I couldn’t work to a tablet, to a smart TV, to Wifi, to a Google Home. I’ve got nearly everything and I love it!

“I think Cosmic is brilliant! Every single person has made so much difference to me. It’s brilliant and they should keep it going”.