Shaun’s Story

Shaun met Clive from Positive People in Taunton jobcentre originally in October 2017 at a gadget show event. He was later referred into the program by his job centre work coach, who felt Shaun would benefit from the support Positive People could offer. Shaun had been out of work for a number of years following a complicated illness which had left him with restricted mobility but was eager to move forward and return to work.

Shaun really wanted to improve his computer skills. His limited mobility meant he would need to sit down most of the time in any job he got. He felt that being computer literate would broaden the jobs he could apply for.

He had started a Level 2 European Computer Driving License but had found the course was at too high a level for him. Cosmic’s Digital Trainer Clive worked with Shaun over a few sessions on improving his basic computer skills plus getting his CV up to date. Shaun soon felt able to start a Level 1 ECDL course run through CMT training in Taunton, which he passed with flying colours!

Following this, Clive arranged for Shaun to be purchased a mobile phone, which he has learnt to use to quickly check emails and jobsites. Shaun already had a laptop, which was old but functioned well, and has learn how to tether this to his phone for more complicated internet work if needed.

He has had more digital help with using Social media, both to help with social isolation and to explore the many social media job groups in his area. He has been working actively with I2A to improve his employability skills and has attended several workshops.

Catt, Cosmic’s new trainer in the Taunton region, is continuing to work with Shaun to explore volunteering opportunities and to keep his IT skill’s up to date.

Watch this space!