“Starting my driving lesson business” – R’s story

After facing redundancy R knew he wanted to head down a new career path, he now wants to tell his story about how we became the owner of his own business.

“I had started driving lessons, and was looking to become a self-employed instructor, but had no idea how to start my business after being made redundant.

“I decided to take on a whole new career path but was so unsure about what to do. Then I had a referral sent to Positive People where I met with a coach who explained what the programme was and how I could get some help.

“I met with Nick my change coach after going onto the programme and we put together an action plan, which gave me something to focus on and a way forward in setting up a business.

“Nick provided the funding I needed to book a block of special lessons and also to provide me with the correct IT equipment that I needed to move forward. I met with cosmic and had support in setting up a website and creating business cards to take to clients.

“I finally passed my final exam and became independent, earning my first lot of income.

“I could not have done all the above without the assistance I had from Nick. He was very encouraging and positive about what I wanted to do and knew exactly who I needed to see for the help I needed.

“The support I had from him has been great. He always made me feel at ease and was there to support me when I needed to talk to him.

“I plan to build my business and continue to take people out for their lessons and earn enough money that I do not need to rely on someone else to pay me an income.

“I would like to say that this is a great service and has helped me to start my business”.