Debbie is a Mother with a young child at home, and due to the lockdown caused by the COVID19 measures in place Debbie has had to look after her child at home without any child care or nursery in place. This in the beginning made it hard for Debbie to find the time to fit in any training for research into starting her own business.
Debbie has had to do her training, courses and digital skills training with COSMIC whilst taking care of a young child at home and all through lockdown.

Positive people did a referral to Suzi at COSMIC to enable Debbie to be able to use digital platforms to promote her business. It also enabled Debbie to do a lot of research into starting up her own business. Positive people researched the best course for Debbie on completion of her digital skills training, and signed Debbie up to a Level 2 Customer Service Course. This really did build up Debbies confidence, and we regularly kept in touch through lockdown to offer support.

“Positive people has enabled me to gain confidence in using digital platforms to enhance my business, and Suzi from Cosmic was so good and understanding. I would not have been able to think of starting up my own business without their support and also the purchase of equipment. After all my training and lockdown lifts I will be able to start earning.

“My future goal is to be able to start my own business, and work my hours around the care of my family.

“The experience has been wonderful, and the staff and support has been great. Thank you”.