“It’s changed our life around!” – Lee’s story

Lee came to the Positive People Programme (Inspired to Achieve) due to being unemployed with a full commitment to seeking work. 

“I had a military background from the age of 16 to 33 years. I came out of the army suffering with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and found that working in the outdoors helped with my mental health.

I studied Game Keeping and Wildlife Management and registered with the British Deer Society. I have worked on Estates through Devon and Somerset and my last position was in Frome.  I took the Frome position as it seemed like there was more prospects and, with a growing family, it seemed the right thing to do at the time. I have a wife and four children.

“Once we moved on to the Estate it became apparent that the landlord was not going to meet his obligations and due to the poor condition of the living accommodate we had to leave.  This left us living with a family friend in cramped conditions, but thankfully, they were able to house my 12 working dogs in kennels on the grounds.  Game Keeping is a lifestyle and my dogs are key to being successful in the trade. 

“I suffered from PTSD when I left the army so keeping positive is a challenge when unemployed with a family and no family home.  I have previously engaged with the Warrier Programme which taught me strategies to manage my mental health. 

“I was unable to fund any courses to update my certificates as these had lapsed.  Without the up-to-date certificates it was a challenge to maintain confidence and my credibility. 

“My digital skills were poor and I relied on my wife. 

“Searching for Estates which were looking for a new Game Keeper was proving to be a challenge, as this is such a specialised job role and a job for life in most circumstances.

“My Change Coach  suggested using social media to promote myself rather than looking for work, let them look for me.  I then had several sessions with Suzi from Cosmic who helped me to develop my website, facebook and LinkedIn.  I couldn’t believe how quickly it happened, because I immediately started getting offers of employment.

“Positive People have given me the confidence to start my own business which was not on the agenda when I approached the programme.  As a family of 6 we are now planning to secure a home of our own.

“My future goal is to develop the business.  My wife and I want to work together to offer workshops on Countryside Management.  We would also like to develop a Deer farm.

“I am receiving offers on a daily basis from Countryside Estates and houses to Nurseries. 

“It has blown me away at how quickly it has changed our life around”.