When Dave retired from the NHS he wasn’t sure where to go next or how to begin, now he’s telling his story about how he gained more confidence and learnt about online services in order to move forward.

“I have engaged with Cosmic to receive IT support. Also the Avalon service with regard to seeking part time work.

“I retired three years ago from being a mental health community nurse following nearly 40 years of service in the NHS.

“I had been living in London but following retirement I bought a house in Somerset which is where I came from originally. Following extensive restoration of the property I found it difficult to adjust to a totally different way of life and this led to some contact with mental health services as a recipient of help and support. During that time I was referred to the local village agency who directed me to Positive People.

“Although I had used computers in my working capacity I fell behind in utilising them in domestic circumstances. This added to my mental health problems. However, through the very generous support and patience of Positive People and Cosmic, I have learnt a number of very useful skills in helping me to manage my daily life.

“Having been an employee of the NHS, I had never needed to look for other work for 40 years. When considering doing some part-time work I ran into problems due to the fact that nowadays the process of seeking work is all done online and I had no idea of where to start in that process. Again through the support of Avalon I have been able to learn the skills needed to actively seek work.

“The biggest factor was gaining confidence in using online services in terms of managing my bills, medical services and purchasing items online. For a number of years I had had various problems with my computer which led me to conclude that the best thing to would be to chuck it off a cliff! However part of me realised that as most things are having to be done online I would have to overcome these anxieties/ reluctance about using technology.

“Positive People – allied to the agencies mentioned above – provided one to one support over the best part of a year. They were very patient in allowing me to identify what I needed to learn and then coach me through how to achieve this, providing one to one learning and consolidating this learning into practical and ongoing use.

“I would hope to continue to feel more comfortable inside my own head and that I will be able to utilse my learning to deal with my life more effectively. At some point I would hope to be able to gain some part time work”.