“Dear Yeovil Positive People Team

“I am writing this letter to say how much I appreciate the kind and helpful
support Positive People has given to myself.

“It is has been very hard indeed searching for employment since
being made redundant in 2016.

“After twenty-three years of service to Somerset County Council my mental wellbeing was very poor indeed.

“To handle all the issues searching for employment is tough and without
the staff members support from Yeovil Positive People it would have been much tougher.

“Without the presence of Yeovil Team, my mental wellbeing was
low and I was losing motivation to keep on thinking of reaching my
goal of employment once again.

“The issues on finding employment was taking it’s toll on my

“If Positive People had not been there for me. I would never have
taken a more serious outlook in my life decisions.

“It is because of the kind words and support that I am able to start
searching for employment once again.

“Having this support is a blessing to have and knowing the
Yeovil Team is there for me in my life.

“I would like to also thank David (Positive People Change
Coach) and Tracey (Assistant Change Coach) for their
ongoing support in such challenging times.

“Yours sincerely

Kevin J Penney DBB”