Simon’s journey with Positive People helped “give me the push in life I needed” to start his own micro-provider business providing a handyman and gardening service.

After being made redundant from a footwear factory, he moved into the building trade, gaining qualifications in dry lining and ceiling fixing.

However, a downturn in work gave him the time and opportunity to think about what he really wanted to do with his career, and the idea of working for himself seemed to be a good fit for his skills and personality.

Following a visit to the Opportunity Shop in Glastonbury, he was put in touch with the Somerset Micro Provider service (providers of very small, community based care and support services) and the Positive People project. “In the time when I was not working, I was very fortunate to be pointed in the direction of Positive People who gave me the time and support which helped me learn and gave me confidence to go out and achieve my goal”.

Working with the change coaches at Positive People helped Simon clarify his ideas about starting his business and identify what his strengths were. Together with the Micro-Providers network, they were able to provide him with the advice, support and guidance that he needed to get his business idea off the ground.

Simon also took the opportunity to improve his digital skills by working with Digital Trainer Mike at Cosmic.  Mike said “When I first started working with Simon, his digital skills were quite good but he was reliant on trying to do everything on his phone. By helping him set up his tablet to work in conjunction with his phone, he was able to create, manage and access the documents he needed to start his business in a much easier and more secure way”.

“I’d not really done this before” added Simon.

With Mike’s help, Simon installed and set up a free app from which he creates his estimates, invoices and tracks the income and expenditure for his business. He now uses this all the time and says “Wave App is absolutely brilliant. It’s really quick and easy to use and allows me to provide a really professional service”.

Since launching his business at the end of 2019, he now has plenty of work. He has developed a network of regular customers and often receives positive feedback on the quality of his work. “I plan to continue doing what I’m doing to make my family proud and I would like to thank Positive People for all of their support”