Paul came to Positive People with a real concern about technology and the internet. He did not feel up to date at all but was keen to know more and get his digital life under control. Alongside the Change Coach support from Positive People; Paul also took part in digital training with Cosmic which happened remotely over Zoom. Paul has summed up his journey with that training, in his own words, to show the impact that additional digital skills can have on your life.

“When I first started working with Pluss I was lacking confidence using any of the Internet. Believing that ‘nearly everyone’ used the Internet for, banking, shopping, and communication so comfortably. This made feel like I’m always going to be missing out. On the outside of life and like I may not be able to get by.

My goal was 3 fold but I didn’t even know this at the time. Learning what to do was the easy part it turned out. Discovering how to be safe was down the road a long way but gaining the confidence was around a blind corner.

Today I do Internet banking on my phone safely. This means the app is set to mobile data so its not using various people’s WiFi.

Today I use the social media I’m comfortable with.

I access the NHS app and communicate with my GP practice via their Web portal. (I attend fellowship meetings here, Europe, USA regularly).

I can buy anything for a competitive price and service by researching different sites and feedback. Probably the biggest value in my (real) life is using maps safely for navigation. This is mainly on my bike which is cheap and fun.

Now I don’t feel held back by technology but a real sense of freedom.

I’m not saying that I know a great deal even now. But I can get by. It took a lot, a lot of patience from my tutor. That’s not a typo.

Now when I need to know something I can reasonably and safely expect to find the answers in time.

Not bad for someone of 55 on a very basic income (who hadn’t seen a mobile in a long time).”

If you would benefit from support similar to Paul, you can get in touch with the Positive People team for your region using the Contact Us page.