New campaign by Pluss puts the spotlight on Somerset women’s achievements

An organisation that offers a lifeline to people not in employment is launching a 12-month campaign to celebrate inspiring women in Somerset and set others on the path to achieve their own ambitions.

Pluss’ Positive People Project wants to bring together women from all walks of life to take part in their inclusive and empowering initiative. They are opening an online space where women can engage with positive stories of other people’s achievements, share their views and seek help with their own goals.

Emma Wescott, Partnership Manager for Somerset Positive People, says: “International Women’s Day, celebrated earlier this year talked about ‘an equal world is an enabled world, celebrating women’s achievement and raising awareness against bias’. I thought how amazing it would be to keep the campaign going for a year and celebrate women’s achievements, there are so many untold stories from local inspirational women. The aim is to inspire and motivate more women in our communities to achieve their dreams”.

One of the inspiring women highlighted by the campaign is Caroline Derrick, Sedgemoor District Council’s employment, skills and training manager. Caroline plays a big part in the ‘100 Women’ project, aimed at helping some of the lowest paid women in the UK based in Sedgemoor. With her knowledge and passion for this topic, it felt like she was the right woman to kick off this campaign.

Pluss’ Positive People project can help Somerset women attain their dreams and ambitions. Whether someone is out of work due to health, caring responsibilities or being a mum, we offer support and explore ways to achieve goals. This could be work, returning to education, self-employment or improving confidence. We aim to support people through their journey and sometimes make what felt impossible, possible.

Pluss is inviting women from across Somerset to engage with the campaign, especially those who are currently out of work and would like help to achieve their goals. If you would like to get involved then head to (link to post) to find out more.

Pluss is a social enterprise that offers a lifeline to anyone that is out of work to build confidence, wellbeing and return work or training.

So far we have two inspiring women videos for you to watch, see what they’ve got to say here: