The current pandemic has forced us as digital trainers to rethink how we deliver our sessions and the best way to support our clients. This has been challenging and we have all learnt a lot!

For some of our clients it has been a completely new experience, with us supporting them setting up video calling for the first time and using their devices in a whole new way. For some this has been great especially or those with mobility issues as they can now have sessions from the comfort of their own home, even with a nice cup of tea!

We have definitely had to think outside the box – how do you help someone make a video call when they don’t have an E-mail? We have helped clients change habits from just listening on a phone to messaging, video calls and file sharing. There’s a lot of tech going on!

In a way this has made us realise that when there is a will there is a way. Downloading eBooks from the library or playing Scrabble online with friends, there have been some great online quizzes to say nothing of all the online learning which is available. Now people realise how easy it is to hold group video calls and do so much online, will we ever go back to the way we taught before?

I think we have all learnt that a lot from having to “do tech” – as the saying goes “the best way to learn is to do”. I think at Cosmic we will continue by using a mixture of online and face to face delivery whichever is best for the client. As a result of lockdown and the necessity to use IT there has been a huge improvement in peoples digital knowhow to say nothing of the cost and environmental savings.

Something good really is emerging from these unusual times.

To document the things we’ve learnt through this lockdown we pulled together some comments from staff and participants. Take a look at what they had to say and what we’d like to take forward into work post lockdown.