As a Change Coach for Positive People, our job can introduce new experiences and people all the time.

World Bee Day is one of those times. I’d never heard of it before or understood the importance, but I have to say it’s unbeelievably important and I’ve combed the internet to find out more.

When I think of world bee day now, it gets me thinking about cake.


Well as you may or may not ‘bee’ aware, bees and other pollinators are currently in decline.

What’s a pollinator? A pollinator is an animal that causes plants to make fruit or seeds. They do this by moving pollen from one part of the flower of a plant to another part. This pollen then fertilizes the plant. Only fertilized plants can make fruit or seeds and without them the plants cannot reproduce.

So you can see my concern for cake? Without bees the impact of global food security majorly effected! Meaning no apples for apple cake or pie, no coffee for coffee cake, no carrots for carrot cake… you get the picture.

Let’s do this for the cake!

Positive People are taking the opportunity to celebrate and create a buzz regarding all things bee.

Don’t be a buzzkill…May 20th will mark World Bee Day, but we will be raising awareness for the whole month and would love for you all to get involved.

20 May also coincides with the birthday of Anton Janša who, in the 18th century, pioneered modern beekeeping techniques in his native Slovenia and praised the bees for their ability to work so hard, while needing so little attention. Kind of like me, I’m always buzzy

We will be sharing tips, tricks and facts to do with bees and honey. This will help us lead up to a special appearance on Chaos TV where we will look at a bee farm and get to see how we can set up our very own bee hotels!

We are also aiming to hold a bee competition which we will be announcing via facebook! So, we can bee clear what we are getting ourselves into.

We are encouraging World Bee Day events and activities this year to be online or virtual events wherever possible. Keep up to date with our social media and follow us on our virtual bee journey.

Laura Batcha
Positive People Somerset
Change Coach