A business start-up course with a difference

Forget business plans and funding… make money doing what you love from your sofa!

Huddersfield’s Hopeful Families launched the 2018 PopUp Business School last month, opening its doors to a host of budding entrepreneurs who want to make money doing what they love, without traditional bank loans and tiresome business plans.

PopUp is completely unique and aims to show people just how easy it can be to start-up on your own!

The course ran for 10 consecutive days and had 114 attendees. Of the people who attended 20% of them are now trading and 77% are almost ready.

PopUp and Hopeful Families were able to support participants with website development at zero cost, social media training, branding and marketing, finding customers, legalities, networking, SEO training and negotiation skills. All of this is taught and explained in a no fuss, simple and easy to understand manner, usually coupled with laughs, smiles and a plethora of analogies!

Many of the people who attended had never run a business before, with no prior experience and little to no business acumen. Hopeful Families firmly believe that this should not stand in the way of start-up success. 27% of participants who attended had made sales within the first two weeks of trading, which is fantastic news!

It hasn’t been all about making sales, participants’ confidence has grown, which in turn has led to an increase in feelings of happiness and security. Being self-efficient is an equally important skill to take away from the course, coupled with business skills Hopeful Families are excited to see a new generation of entrepreneurs trading successfully in the very near future!

There were many different types of business ideas, including arts, entertainment and recreation, craft, human health and social work, food services and information and communication services.

Participants shared their lightbulb moments with us:

‘The importance of just doing it NOW – don’t wait to be perfect and DON’T GET INTO DEBT.’

‘Recognising the importance and impact of making connections with people and supporting other people’s ventures.’

‘Better ideas on how to network with social media to gain and keep clients.’

And shared their highlights and thanks!

‘Thank you for all the help and information, I never would have even thought of half the things I’ve learned on this course. It has changed my life.’

‘Thank you for funding this amazing opportunity that will change many lives. And the free lunch was a bonus!’

‘Thank you! It has made me realise that although being on benefits is safe, it doesn’t give me the satisfaction or a purpose. It feels like I’m a failure. This workshop has really helped me to take action with my business idea; having someone believe in me is all I wanted.’

Equipping people with the tools for a better future has always been an integral part of Hopeful Families mission for the individuals and families of West Yorkshire.

Success starts with belief and we are delighted that people enjoyed their time on the course, and have taken away something valuable as they commence their entrepreneurial journeys!