Making positive steps to a career in the NHS!

Meet Kelly

Kelly is 30 years old and a mother of twins who are due to start full time school in September 2018. Kelly’s aspirations are to work in the NHS, be independent, debt free, with good health and financially stable.

Kelly was in care as a child and can find things difficult to cope with, particularly after her relationship break down last year that had a history of domestic violence. In the future, Kelly would love to own her own home and enhance her coping mechanisms. She recognises her vulnerability and anger management issues that stem from her past, which have led to trust issues and little hope.

Hopeful Families offered Kelly a family mentor, whose role is to promote real and sustained change in people’s lives. Family mentors can develop a completely bespoke plan to build confidence, promote mindfulness, assertiveness and social networks.

Kelly’s family mentor helped her with reflecting on coping styles (both positive and negative), alongside health and well-being to improve self-management. We focused on helping Kelly to build resilience and manage crises to help her move forwards. This allowed Kelly to reflect on situations to make positive and informed choices.

Kelly has good qualifications in phlebotomy health care, but she required the next level qualification to work within the NHS. This involves practical work experience within a clinical setting which would then improve Kelly’s work prospects. Hopeful Families supported Kelly with the costs of a phlebotomy course, where Kelly would travel to either Darlington or York for the practical experience needed.

Alongside supporting Kelly with attaining the qualifications, Hopeful Families were also able to support her with money management. She is currently working with one of Hopeful Families specialist partners, WDH, who can guide Kelly with managing her debts and budgeting.

Kelly also wished to address her weight but could not afford options like Slimming World. Hopeful Families were able to issue her with Slimming World passes and Kelly has kept up her weight-loss regime with good self-discipline and has now lost lots of weight!

Kelly has managed to get her life back on track and has secured work in a care home. Her next aim is to move into the NHS.

Kelly says:

“Hopeful Families is a brilliant, worthwhile programme that has helped me so much and improved my life and mental health. I now have hope for me and my children! I am upset to leave the programme as Jill, who I have worked with closely, has become such a positive person in my life and made me believe in myself. She has given me the strength to carry on and work hard for a better future for me and my children!”