Wendy’s Story with Hopeful Families

Hopeful Families have teamed up with Healthy Minds, a local mental health charity that specialises in supporting young people that may be struggling to cope with mental health due to family circumstances.

Hopeful Families recognise that families with children that are not coping well with certain situations, such as bereavement, can struggle to overcome barriers to their family moving forwards with life.

In partnership with Healthy Minds, Hopeful Families ran a 12 week pilot youth club that intended to connect with children, through different activities such as kite making, cricket, den-building and art.

The children who attended the group were identified as those that need the most support and in most cases also attended counselling with Hopeful Families specialist partner Noah’s Ark.

This initiative has supported people like Wendy and her two children.

Wendy’s Story…

Wendy joined the programme after her partner sadly passed away very suddenly. Both she and her children were struggling to cope with the loss.

Wendy was allocated a Family Mentor, who was able to support the entire family to come to terms with their grief. Wendy was referred to Noah’s Ark for specialist counselling sessions, in addition both of Wendy’s young boys attended wellbeing sessions that were delivered by Healthy Minds.

Whilst her children attended the youth club, Hopeful Families were able to offer wellbeing sessions to Wendy, which incorporated things like mindfulness, yoga and art therapy. Wendy was able to build her confidence, becoming an active and much loved member of the group, often offering support to other parents.

12 months down the line the family are going from strength to strength, with the support of Hopeful Families and specialist partners. Wendy has now moved into paid employment and feels confident that she can fully commit to work as her children are now settled and feeling much more positive.

Wendy says, “Nobody could get close to my son or connect with him, but you did. I have also gained so much confidence and got myself a job. I have a much better outlook on life!”