A shining example – Bianca’s story

Bianca has lived independently since leaving home at the age of 17. She had previously attended a study programme – this had been in a small group setting as Bianca had some health conditions including diabetes, anxiety and depression.

When I first met Bianca, she was a very shy and quiet young lady who attended with her Mum for support. At the initial meeting Bianca made little eye contact and was reluctant to engage in conversation.

Bianca had missed her English GCSE due to a home move abroad. She later returned to the UK having missed completion of her exams, although showed a passionate interest in Law. Without passing the English exam she knew she would struggle to get into university and follow her dream goal – this caused her extreme anxiety. With support, Bianca completed her Level 2 English. This then allowed her to apply for further education, although her confidence and health were still a very real concern.

During summer 2018, Bianca was at risk of losing motivation – this would have had a negative impact on her sustaining a college place long term. However, with the help of Hopeful Families she attended four engagement sessions aimed at team building, resilience and confidence. Bianca was given the opportunity to try bowling, escape rooms and archery. With the help and support from her Hopeful Families mentor, Bianca gradually became more confident in her own abilities. Also, having just found out she had passed her Level 2 English, she was hopeful about her future.

With the help of her Hopeful Families mentor, Bianca completed an application form for a local College. This was a location that not only offered Bianca the tailored course she needed to follow her goal, but also the added security of being able to live on site, meaning she had a large support network around her daily.

Bianca was concerned as she needed a laptop in order to complete course work, but didn’t have funds available to buy it. With assistance from Hopeful Families she was supplied with a laptop.

Bianca is now on her first steps to being accepted for a University course in 2019.

Well done Bianca, you are a shining example that with a little help you can achieve your dreams!