Building resilience! – Maxine’s story

Maxine joined Hopeful Families to enhance training opportunities. Her initial aims included maths training although when her daughter was born, her priorities changed.

Her main barriers were money, domestic violence and moving house. She receives housing support and is also in contact with her MP.

Maxine responded well to guidance and support to help with finances. She has also complete job searching and sees this to be a good aim for the future.

Maxine was given help financially with uniform costs and help on her birthday when domestic violence was occurring to avoid a relapse in her wellbeing. Bus tickets were issued to enable her to access community support and she also met with a life coach to help set a routine that helped her to manage her work life balance.

A referral to ‘Cash Wise’ opened further grant access for baby items. She has also taken part in social activities to build resilience.

Maxine feels that retail or care are good employment options. She has undertaken job search for care and school assistant vacancies. After several course searches, she felt that customer service courses would update her CV and help her to get a customer-care part time role. She therefore enrolled with Vision2learn for a level 2 Customer Care course.

“I found Hopeful Families very helpful with everything, especially looking for courses. I feel  trips out are good for  meeting and talking to people”.