“I look at things differently now” – Lee’s story

Lee was alcohol dependent and his health was suffering with pain issues dominating day to day life. His main barriers were related to both physical dependency and mental well-being.

Initially, Lee agreed to see his GP for a sick note to help with recovery routes and health checks.

He then received full liver checks which revealed it was inflamed so a referral was made to the hospital for an alcohol detox.

A sick note was issued via Lee’s GP and he was supported to liaise with the Disability Employment Advisor at Jobcentre Plus, attend appointments and get guidance given from Citizens Advice Bureau who gave information on his claim.

Not only did Lee take medical steps, he took personal steps too. He went back to fishing in the hope that it would help him stop drinking. He also attended self-management courses to help manage pain issues.

Lee is now in control of self-housing bids, and his housing needs and finance are covered. He is working with motivation and seeing Turning Point every two weeks for support. They feel he is showing positive motivational interviewing.

Lee is happy with the progress and is looking much healthier physically. He is proud of his achievements.

Looking to the future, Lee is planning on taking some courses. He has enrolled on Everyday English Functional Skills level 1 with the Open University.

He would like support with his IT skills and the engagement worker is looking at a local digital course.

He says that the Hopeful Family service has given him hope, direction and hand-holding to take the necessary steps to make lifestyle changes. “I look at things completely differently now, if it wasn’t for Hopeful Families, I would have deteriorated — you gave me the kick I needed”.