Andrew discovered Hopeful Families by hearing about us at Jobcentre Plus.

Andrew has had PTSD following involvement in a critical road traffic accident that was not his fault.

Andrew said “It affected my mental health and I tried to commit suicide. As a result of this, I was sectioned under the mental health act and admitted to the mental health unit at the local hospital on discharge. My employer could not hold my role any longer and it resulted in me being unemployed. I could not afford my mortgage, had my house repossessed and became homeless. I stayed with my parents for a short time, I then got a place in a Hostel and now have a local authority flat which I am happy with.

“I feel I have lost a period of my life when I should have been progressing my career and personal life, and I can never get that back. I have to borrow money to make ends meet. I am worried that with being on Universal Credit I only need to be sanctioned and I could lose my flat, as I only have my parents to support me and no friends or other networks that could support me financially.

“I also, as a result of all the things that had happened, started drinking to the point that I was addicted to alcohol. I was caught and charged by the police for drink driving and had my license revoked. I had to sell my car and was deeply remorseful. I decided to get help and was signposted to St Anne’s Trust who have supported me to the point of only drinking one evening a week now, and handling the amount. I am only semi-supported now due to me doing so well”.

Andrew stated that he’s had no specific mental health support for PTSD. He said that he was on a waiting list for counselling, but that it was now too late to benefit from it as the damage had been done. Andrew felt he had no positive outlook for the future.

For the last six months Andrew has received Hopeful Families funding to see a Life Coach and feels more positive about his future, and has hopefully resolved some of his demons.

Whilst on the programme he has completed a Warehousing and Storage Course, a Forklift Truck Counterbalance Course and now has a licence for this. He has also completed a Health and Safety course which included: Health and Safety Awareness, Fire Marshalling, Manual Handling, Basic Risk Assessment and COSHH Awareness.

This completes all of Andrew’s needs to enable him to work in a warehouse as a forklift truck driver.

Andrew said that his Family Mentor supported him to do a voluntary placement at the ‘Pass It On Shop’ warehouse close to where he lived to gain experience and a reference if required. He is enjoying this.

Andrew faced financial barriers to getting a job as he would not have been able to fund the Forklift Truck Course, or the other courses he has completed himself. Hopeful Families has also opened doors to contacts that can help him to gain employment. Andrew said that the Hopeful Families Project and Family Mentor are continuing to help him to build his confidence.

Andrew feels his past issues have not helped as he can no longer drive which can restrict access to jobs; he does not live near any major employers, industrial estates or sources of work. Also, public transport is limited. Andrew said he was willing to move for the right job.

Andrew says that he has had a wide range of experience in different jobs including office work, warehousing and accounts so feels that he is well placed to get a job. He has transferable skills, is flexible and can adapt to new situations.

He said “In work stress is a good stress” as he would not have to worry about keeping a roof over his head – which is not a nice position to be in, as he worries about becoming homeless again.

Andrew attended a job interview for a forklift truck / office worker last week and was offered the job on provision that he retook his Forklift Truck Counterbalance Licence. The Family Mentor arranged for Andrew to complete this the following day, which he attended and passed, but due to bus times he could not accept the offer.

Following the case study meeting, Andrew was re-offered the shift work role but working permanent nights. He accepted the job and started in March.

Andrew is happy, he can now have money to spare to pay for new items for his flat, retake his driving test and buy a car in the future.

Andrew has come such a long way in the last six months. Well done Andrew.