“I’m ready to move to the next stage” – Helen’s story

Helen is a married mum of four children. There had been family issues due to domestic abuse from a previous partner. The family live in a local authority rented house. Helen’s husband works part-time and they claim tax credits.

Helen came to Hopeful Families to improve her self-confidence, self-esteem and to gain a qualification in English. She aspires to work as a Teaching Assistant but required an English qualification to go onto the course.

Helen has a five year-old son who has been assessed for autism and ADHD. She struggles at times but has support from the school and Family Support Worker who is helping with behaviour guidance. She is also awaiting a parenting course list with Kirklees Council.

Helen attended all meetings arranged for her and all courses offered to her. She has completed the Challenging Children’s Behaviour course, Paediatric First Aid, First Aid in the Workplace and Level 2 Food Hygiene. At the moment, Helen is completing the English course and is predicted to gain an entry Level 3 when completed.

Helen has also completed the Confidence Building course and says she now feels confident enough to look for work. She has been enlisted by Paddock Trust on the Workpays programme to help her look for work, and update her CV and interview skills.

Helen has come a long way in her seven months on programme. Her self-esteem has grown and she feels more confident when in meetings at school for her son, and in situations where she needs to be assertive.

Helen says, “I am very grateful for all the help and support I have received from Hopeful Families and feel ready to move on to the next stage of my life – to get a job in a school or train as a Teaching Assistant”.

On a personal note, the Paediatric First Aid course came in useful when her son fell and broke his arm. She knew what procedure to follow and saved him suffering further pain by elevating the arm with a sling until he went to hospital.

The Food Hygiene and English courses will also help when she applies for Teaching Assistant jobs.