Wendy was referred to Hopeful families for support relating to caring for two autistic children and her mum. She is married with five children, three of whom are grown up.

She felt overwhelmed and was keen to explore ideas to support her respite of caring and find more ‘me’ social time.

Wendy does have regular health visits due to a ‘pre-diabetic’ stage. She copes by managing her diet and was keen to get further support with this. She was not able to access slimming world or purchase healthy food due to the cost.

Wendy was also seeking support to cope with daily life, attend slimming groups and eat more healthily. She was attending less social activities and felt time constraints made social interactions difficult.

We discussed the value of the NHS ‘live well’ service and a life coach to help her reflect on herself and her aims for her future life direction.

Wendy was referred to mindfulness lessons to learn relaxation techniques. She was also supported to set aims with her life coach, which gave an aim of aromatherapy. She has also had a carers assessment.

The funds available through Hopeful families enabled her to access aromatherapy training and fund practice items. Wendy attended Barnsley college to do a one-year training course.

She also attended two full weekends of practical aromatherapy massage and achieved a qualification. She was able to join in with some social activities and although money remains tight, she feels better informed and aware of how money will be impacted if she secures work.

Hopeful families were able to fund a slimming world pass to support her aims with weight loss. Wendy has now lost some weight and improved her healthy eating. She has also had some food bank support during her time on programme.

She has also received support with Christmas gifts and activities, carer support and her community links knowledge has improved. She is now a lady who shows strong resilience.

Wendy is highly motivated and holds clear aims for her future. She is optimistic, willing and someone who is now able to seek solutions.

Her high values and her course in aromatherapy will support her future. She always makes people feel comfortable and has a lovely caring manner. Because of this, we are sure she will get repeat custom when she moves into self-employment in the future.

“I found the information I had about courses and help with care needs very useful. Thank you for all your support and encouragement. My mentor is very happy and an easy person to work with and talk to – it was nice that the focus was on me”