Steven, 36, from Wakefield, felt he had a lot of barriers to overcome but step-by-step he has done it and is now on the road towards returning to work!

“My family mentor, Debbie, gave me the advice and information to be able to address my debt and deal with it. By having my debt addressed I was surprised how helpful the bank has been and the plan they have put into place. This was such a great relief and I started to be able to sleep again.

“My break up of marriage and not being able to see my daughter caused me so much upset, frustration and anger. Through working with Debbie and a counsellor I have been able to have conversations with my ex-wife and, over the last couple of months, I now have had regular contact with my daughter. This was such an achievement.

“My depression was a big challenge. By attending counselling – which at first I was not keen to do – it has allowed me to address my feelings and emotions, and piece together my life. At times it was painful but step-by-step I have dealt with my emotions and now look for the positives.

“I also struggled with social interaction and general wellbeing – I had retreated, lost contact with my family and friends and just generally did not take care of myself. By working with Debbie I now have regular contact with lost friends. I also made new friends at the ‘Together Fitness Course’.

“This and all the above has given me the confidence, ability and belief to overcome my challenges and given me the motivation to return to work.

“Having my family mentor, Debbie, has given me my self-worth back and I am looking forward to the future, both personally and professionally. I am ‘me again’ and have the strength to move forward”.