“My name is Jean, aged 52, a mum of two children. My daughter lives with me and I have a grown-up son who lives overseas. I have had mental and physical health issues for many years.

“My physical and mental health issues are progressively worsening but I have learnt to manage them thanks to therapy courses, friends, family, volunteering and my GP.

“My challenges that I faced are coping with my physical and mental health on a daily basis i.e. waking up, leaving the house, being a single mum and supporting elderly parents.

“Such things like attending my volunteering and attending courses are a huge challenge.

“I have had several surgeries in the last five years. On top of everything else, this has been tough to battle through.

“Hopeful Families have helped me in a way that makes me feel like I’m not alone. They have been a huge support, along with my mentor, Jill. I can’t thank them enough, along with Cash Wise and LEAP who have supported and helped my financial situation and mental health.

“Having money sorted helps me to cope. My future aim is to find work that I am happy and comfortable with and considers my daughter. I recently left and did my exit with Jill after getting help with job searching and training.

“I would just like to thank Hopeful Families and the Groundwork team that have helped me. I highly recommend them”.