Liam started on the Hopeful Families programme in June 2019.

Liam often played truant from school so missed a lot of his education in year 10 and 11. He sat some of his exams but thought he had failed so didn’t go to get his results from school.

C&K careers supported Liam on two separate Maths and English courses but he only attended for up to three weeks. For last 18 months Liam feels he has done nothing.

Liam had lived at his grandparent’s house from birth with his mum, brother and extended family. His grandmother passed away a couple of years ago. The loss of his grandmother has had a traumatic effect on Liam and he has hadn’t received counselling or support for his grief.

His mum has since moved into her own property. Liam decided to stay with his grandfather and other relatives in the house.

Liam was not claiming any benefits and was relying on family for money.

Liam referred himself on to Hopeful Families. He has no formal qualifications and wished to gain an entry level in Maths and English to enable him to apply to be an apprentice in gardening. He has had some experience helping a friend in his gardening business which he enjoyed.

Liam’s confidence was very low when he started on programme. After a discussion with his Hopeful Families Mentor, Liam said he wished to attend a course to improve his self-confidence so he could start to attend training with a group to improve his qualifications.

He attended a confidence building course but only attended two of six sessions. He said he felt he felt anxious attending so stopped going. The Family Mentor offered him counselling sessions to help him come to terms with his grandmother’s death. He said he did not wish to talk to anyone about it.

With the help of the Family Mentor, Liam has applied for Universal Credit. He attended an appointment with the job coach at the Job Centre and received some information on apprenticeship options.

Liam has also received support regarding his housing situation and a referral form has been completed to help him with gaining his own property. After meeting a housing support worker and completing a council application form, he is now on the council property waiting list and bidding for properties. The housing worker also continues to support him.

Liam decided he wanted to begin a course. With support from the Family Mentor, Liam phoned to make an appointment to enrol on a course. As a result, Liam has enrolled on the course and is attending. Liam was still attending when he exited from programme.

Liam says “l have gained a lot from being on the Hopeful Families programme and now have benefits. I no longer steal from my family and the relationship with my family is better.

“I will potentially have a place of my own soon to live independently and am grateful to the Family Mentor for all her help and advice”