James was seeking support to access training, increase his work prospects and find employment.

James was struggling with anxiety and had difficulty with too much change at once. He needed support and guidance to rebuild his confidence. He was also helped to look at triggers and barriers that impacted on day to day living. It became apparent that good quality sleep was an issue.

James made positive steps to improve his wellbeing by eating more healthily and being active. Mental health referrals were also made to help him build his resilience.

Attending job fairs, and health and wellbeing events helped regain his motivation. His preference was to look at getting help with access to English language open college courses, with a keen interest in copy writing, creative writing and retail jobs.

“The location of appointments was easy and my advisor was friendly. My interest was looking at creative writing and I completed a course in copywriting, which gave me extra skills for progression.

“I was supported to look at services to build my resilience, job fairs, exploring the city connect bike service because I live in a poor transport area, looking at digital marketing and apprenticeships. I was sleeping long hours and started to use an alarm clock to assist starting my daily routine earlier”.

James’ confidence has continued to grow and he is now due to start work with the Post Office.

Big congratulations, James.