Rufus is a single man who was in the Army, followed by a career in HGV driving. He was content in his job.

However, the pandemic relating to COVID 19 resulted in losing his job. He was the last driver before no more work was possible. The company he worked for lost contracts and he found himself out of work in a big pool of people needing work.

He started a Universal Credit claim but was concerned about the expenses of running his own home.

He had construction experience from the Army and, having looked at the availability of jobs, he knew this area was highly likely to get him back into some work. However, maintaining his home was a struggle with no funds to pay for the Telescopic handler course. He had looked at job specifications and this course had the required NPORS standards to update his CSCS card.

Rufus approached CTA assessment to query cost and support to get work and any grant options. He was given the details for Hopeful Families, BBO Groundwork and made a self-referral.

Rufus showed a strong drive to increase his work opportunities and wanted home stability. He was just outside of the postcode district so was not eligible to travel costs. Nevertheless, he joined to improve his prospects.

Rufus’ words:

“The pandemic was a swift change to my circumstances and financial stability. The cost to re-train was a major barrier. My strength was having good health and fitness. I had skills to be adaptable. My only pressure was to increase work opportunities and look at solutions before pressure increased. I needed to be ahead of the competition.

“Hopeful Families gave a straight forward response and clear approach. My aim was to search for training within the district and send three quotes. Staff then did the required finances and risk assessments, which I acknowledged. This was to ensure the company was following government guidance on safe COVID 19 measures.

“I made the enquiry and joined the programme. I was on training within one month. I found a late space course within my area and commenced quickly. This gave good value to Hopeful Families.

“I joined the programme in August 2020 and I have now secured work as a plant operative. I cover the telescopic handling for holidays to increase the work experience hours. This gives me longer term benefits in work. I was happy to be exited off the programme in September 2020. All my needs had been met and I was in work.

“My future aim is to increase my hours of handling machinery. This increases the job prospects. There is a lot of competition and I was able to get this course funded and start my progress. Most importantly I have work and this brings security to my home.

“I have a longer term aim of progressing my career and would like to work abroad”.