Last month Alison had lots of concerns and consequently her mood was low. Her son was struggling in lockdown and this was taking all her energy.

Alison felt the best approach was to get back into a routine. She thought the volunteering option would be a good opportunity to lift her mood so, although not wishing to set this as an actual aim, she walked to ask if she might do some volunteer work at the food hub. This has helped to lift her spirits and she now feels she is contributing something.

“I was struggling and wanted help with training access and to manage debt. I was overwhelmed.

“Depression in general and then separating from my partner brought new issues, but I got help and that was really good. I could not have done it without support.

“My debt is so much better now, the referrals have been amazing. Without help, college would not have been an option. I could not afford the kit so it has been very valuable. I am getting help with job searching, sending in application forms and will continue in college”.